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Wnn Keyboard Lab

Wnn Keyboard Lab

Wnn Keyboard Lab is a market delivery-type keyboard app for Android™.In addition to the preceding iWnn IME functions, features can be extended through collaborations with a wide variety of applications and animation characters.


Content Integration
Features Enable
Beloved Characters
to Read Words Aloud

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Change the
Animation Character
on Your Keyboard

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Character input for
Japanese and 17
other languages

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What is Wnn Keyboard Lab?

A keyboard app equipped with the latest pioneering IME installed in Android™ smartphones and features that can be extended through links with a wide variety of applications and animation characters.

An Android keyboard app that general users download from Google Play not only equipped with the latest features not available in standard IME-installed smartphones, but with functionality that can be extended through links to a variety of applications and content.

* To extend features, anextension application separate from Wnn Keyboard Lab must be installed.

Product Features

Give Your Keyboard a Content Worldview!Content Integration

A unique keyboard application offering content from commercial collaboration. In addition to the regular keyboard features, a voice read-aloud function, changeable keyboard characters, and specialized dictionaries with improved terminology association are just a few of the many features available.

Distributed from all content providers, too!Changeable Keyboard Image

When you install the changeable keyboard image app for Wnn Keyboard Lab, you can change your keyboard to a variety of keyboard images.

  • Changeable Keyboard Image
Supports text input in English, Chinese and 15 other languages with translation in 3 languagesExtensions

Multilingual Input

In addition to Wnn Keyboard Lab, you can install Wnn Lang Pack to enable input in a total of 17 languages besides Japanese.


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“Translation Keyboard” is an app allows you to easily translate text you enter into English, Chinese or Korean languages.

  • Click here to download the app

More Information

Wnn Keyboard Lab

For more information about Wnn Keyboard Lab, see the special website.

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