UI/UX solutions

Building a society where people all over the world
can enjoy deep and seamless communication through our products and
services without even thinking about it

Communicating through text using social networking or email on smartphones and tablets has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. With the increase of new means of communication such as remote conferencing and virtual services, the role of communication has diversified and evolved into an important factor supporting our digitally transforming society.

We will continue to provide a more comfortable and optimal user experience, aiming to realize richer communication in this social environment.

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The Widely Used Wnn Series

The character input technology Wnn, cultivated over more than 30 years, is used by a great number of people, installed on over 300 mobile, smartphone, and tablet models, both in Japan and overseas. Additionally, installed on a variety of devices that require text input, UI design and dictionaries can also be customized according to the application, be it for car navigation systems, multifunction devices (printers), games, AV equipment, and more.

Cloud-based text input service, iWnn IME for Web

This service provides predictive conversion functions on the cloud, combined with an IME running on a web app.It supports several different operating systems and browsers, so it can provide a uniform input environment regardless of the device in use.

For industries where digital communication will become even more vital in the future, such as education, medical care, and manufacturing, we will provide application-specific IMEs that can enter mathematical expressions, specialized terminology dictionaries, etc. to achieve the best UI/UX for each industry.

Providing UI/UX designs for different device environments

As the pace of digitalization increases, the UI/UX of various devices also needs to evolve drastically. Car navigation systems with the shift to CASE and XR devices that provide new experience opportunities are typical examples.
We provide device-optimized UI/UX based on the know-how and technologies we have cultivated in the process of providing value to many fields and customers.

Next Value

Now, with the spread of IoT technology, all sorts of goods are connected to the Internet, and various data are being output. There is a need to organize, convert, and utilize this data to make it even more valuable. Our concept is to offer this as new value, utilizing our core technologies such as language and image processing. By combining our various technologies with AI and IoT technology, we can create new communication technologies that connect people with people, people with machines, and machines with machines. We will continue to make best use of our technology wherever it is needed to help make richer communication possible.