Greetings from the President

Providing software solutions for social issues to create a better society

代表取締役社長 今井照泰

Since its establishment in 1976, OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd has developed public systems, or more appropriately, social infrastructures. For over 40 years these have included such projects as urban traffic control systems, train station automation systems, financial ATMs, and credit card point-of-sale systems.

We have offered software and services that meet demands for high quality, functionality and reliability through our many years of experience. We have accumulated numerous technologies and know-how in the fields of embedment, control, networking, and integration.

With recent notable developments in the information communications infrastructure, one company after another has embraced advanced IT technology as a solution to their problems. We provide a "new mechanism" with well-nurtured know-how and skills as our core competence in solving the problems facing various industries.

We also provide suitable solutions for every phase, such as business analysis through consulting, problem definition, reflecting system requirements, software development, hardware selection, business partnership creation, and operation and maintenance.

Applying its software technologies/solutions to social issues, OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd remains committed to contributing to a better world where people can live in peace, safety, and comfort.

President Teruyasu Imai