IA Solutions

Utilizing advanced software technologies such as
AI, IoT, and XR to create the future of manufacturing sites

Sensors and controllers to improve productivity and quality at manufacturing sites.
Safety components indispensable in improving the safety of manufacturing sites.
Our aim is to help factories be safer and more efficient, and to do that we are providing software that can be incorporated into these devices.

We also build a foundation to make safe and secure use of the large amounts of data found on worksites, so that we can provide solutions to solve the various problems our customers face.
We will continue to contribute to the future of manufacturing sites through new software technologies we create.

Embedded Software Development for FA System Control Equipment

We develop and provide software to be embedded into FA control equipment that can help realize productivity, quality, and safety improvements for manufacturing site automation lines.
We are contributing to the automation of factories by providing software to be embedded into the various sensors, controllers, network equipment and more that make up the FA system.

  • Machine automation controllers
  • Image sensors
  • Motion/drive
  • Safety
  • Inspection equipment
  • Mobile manipulator

Site data utilization and monitoring Infrastructure solution

We provide solutions that protect important and valuable data at manufacturing sites with safe and secure systems, and provide real work instructions and support by remotely connecting on-site engineers with experts who have the know-how to solve problems that may occur on worksites.

  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Data utilization solutions
  • Factory security solutions

Manufacturing Site Improvement Solutions

We collect, analyze, and make use of the various production and quality data generated in automated lines, cell assembly lines, etc., to provide system solutions for real-time production instructions, estimating the causes behind defects, predicting occurrences of defects, and more.

  • Simple image inspection systems
  • Statistical process management software
  • Inventory management system
  • Physical condition management system for workers
  • Equipment operation monitoring system for the food industry

Next Value

In order to solve the problems that manufacturing sites will face in the future, such as the declines of the general working population and of experienced engineers, and the need to respond to diversifying consumer needs, it is essential that we develop technological innovations to save labor and allow for unmanned operations that fully utilize robots and IT, as well as speedy and flexible production line reconfiguration. We will contribute to solving the problems of manufacturing sites with our know-how and advanced software technology cultivated through software development in the FA field. In addition, we will continue to support future manufacturing sites with our software technology by creating technology that transforms large amounts of data from factories into more valuable data for customers to help create smart factories that make full use of AI, IoT, and XR technologies.