Privacy Policy

OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. When handing such personal information at the time of providing the Company's products and services, we promise to do so in a manner that is both proper and safe and that has been specified in the Company's basic policies for protecting and managing personal information, which were established based on laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, as well as the corporate philosophy established by the OMRON Group.

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1. Definition of Personal Information

According to Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information, "personal information" is defined as information that can be used to identify a specific person, such as their name, age, telephone number, email address, physical address, place of employment, information regarding a product or service they purchased, information regarding any inquiries they may have submitted, as well as any personal identification codes they may have.

2. Basic Policies for Protecting and Managing Personal Information

  1. When utilizing personal information, the Company shall observe laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, as well as JIS Q 15001, or any other regulations and shall handle such personal information in the appropriate manner.
  2. The Company shall clarify its purpose of utilization for personal information and, after receiving approval for and obtaining said personal information in a fair manner, shall use that information within the scope of its utilization purpose.
  3. In regards to the leakage of personal information or risks regarding events such as its loss or damage, the Company shall enact appropriate safety countermeasures and corrective actions, while making efforts ensure safety.
  4. The Company shall make efforts to faithfully and quickly address requests for disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information, and other types of requests as well as any associated complaints.
  5. The Company shall periodically review its Personal Information Protection Management System and make continual improvements.

Some of our products and services include telecommunication services (as defined by Japan's Telecommunications Business Act).
When handling personal information related to telecommunication services, the Company shall observe the provisions included in Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Japan's Telecommunications Business Act regarding communications secrecy, those of any other related laws and regulations, as well as in the Guideline on Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunications Business issued by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as "laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information" as mentioned in the policies above.

Date established: August 1st, 2001
Date revised: April 1st, 2020
Teruyasu Imai, President and CEO

3. Name of Business Handling Personal Information


4. Privacy Mark Certification

The Company was subjected to examination by the Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA) regarding its personal information protection activities and subsequently received Privacy Mark certification from the Japan Information Processing and Development Center (JIPDEC).

Privacy Mark

5. Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information

In accordance with its provision of products and services, the Company obtains personal information necessary for its business activities listed under 1. below for use with the scope of purposes of utilization listed under 2. below.

  1. Business Activities of the Company
    1. Planning, development, manufacture, sales, installation, maintenance of OMRON Group software.
    2. Sales/maintenance of products related to language processing, image processing, and security, etc. Development of software for embedded devices.
    3. Credit card payment support/point services, electrical leakage/demand/energy monitoring services, system monitoring, data center operation.
  2. Purposes of Utilization
    1. Provision and maintenance of products or services (hereinafter referred to as "Products, etc.") handled by the Company and applied for or purchased by customers.
    2. Provision of information and guidance regarding the planning, development, manufacture, sales, and installation of Products, etc., as well as information regarding the products themselves.
    3. Management of contracts regarding business activities including the provision of Products, etc.
    4. Guidance for and holding of events such as campaigns and exhibitions regarding Products, etc.
    5. Provision and sending of materials and samples such as catalogs and CD-ROMs regarding Products, etc.
    6. Investigations and analysis, such as surveys regarding Products, etc.
    7. Utilization to ensure the safety of the Company facilities.

6. Regarding Joint Utilization of Personal Information

The Company may share personal information among its foreign and domestic related companies, joint research partners, specialized retailers, and distributors for use within the scope of utilization purposes listed in 5. above.
In such cases, the Company shall bear responsibility for the management of said personal information.
When any of our businesses jointly utilize personal information, that business shall list on their website for reference the items of personal information necessary to achieve the purpose of the joint utilization, the scope of the entity jointly utilizing such information, the purpose of utilization of the entity utilizing the information, as well as the person responsible for management of personal information.

7. Provision to Third Parties

The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except under the following circumstances.

  1. When required by laws and regulations.
  2. When permission from the individual cannot be obtained in the event it is necessary to prevent injury or the loss of life, or for the protection of property.
  3. When permission from the individual cannot be obtained in the event it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children.
  4. When required for cooperation with national or regional governmental organizations or entities contracted thereof for the purpose of performing work as specified by laws and regulations and in the event obtaining permission from the entity in question would obstruct the performance of said work.
  5. When some or all work is outsourced to outsourced contractors to promote smooth operations. In such cases, the Company shall enter into agreements regarding the handling of personal information and safety protections with the contractor in question in an effort to ensure its proper management.
  6. When permission has been obtained in advance.
  7. When required for business succession.

8. Necessary Items for Requesting Disclosure, etc.

The Company shall quickly address requests to disclose personal data we maintain in a rational manner, as well as any requests for corrections, additions, and deletions or stoppage of usage and permanent deletion (these requests are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Disclosure, etc."). The procedure for the above is as follows.

  1. Contact information for requesting Disclosure, etc.

    Please send to the address listed in 10. When sending, please write "Contains Disclosure Request" in red ink on the envelope.

  2. Documents (forms) to be submitted when requesting Disclosure, etc.

    To request Disclose, etc., download the Request Form (a.) and fill in all required information. Then, put the completed Request Form together with your personal identification document (b.) into an envelope together with the self-addressed return envelope (c.) (use same address as shown on provided personal identification documentation) and send it to the address listed in 10. Be aware that senders requesting a notice of purpose of utilization or personal information disclosure are requested to apply a stamp to the self-addressed return envelope as described in "c."

    1. Request Form designated by the Company
    2. Personal identification document

      One of the following documents

      • Proof of personal seal registration (if requester's registered seal was used on the Request Form designated by the Company)
      • Copy of driver's license
      • Copy of passport
      • Copy of certificate of alien registration
      • Copy of foreign resident card
      • Copy of special permanent resident certificate

      Or, one of each of the following documents

      • Copy of either Japanese health insurance card or pension book
        , or
      • a copy of one's family register or resident card

      (If requesting via proxy)

      1. Proxy with power of attorney: One of each of the following documents
        • Power of attorney (with registered seal used)
        • Proof of personal seal registration for seal used on the power of attorney
        • Documents to confirm identification of proxy
          (One of the personal identification documents listed above can be used.)
      2. Legal proxy: One of each of the following documents
        • (1) In the case of a minor
          Abstract of requester's family register or a health insurance card showing the individual is a dependent (copy)
        • (2) In the case of an adult ward
          A Certificate of Registered Matters as specified in Article 10 of Japan's Act on Guardianship Registration, etc.
          • Documentation proving power of legal representation for both minors and adult wards
          • Documents to confirm identification of legal proxy
            (One of the personal identification documents listed above can be used.)
    3. Self-addressed return envelope
      • Please fill in the requester's address.
        (Use same address as shown on provided personal identification documentation for the requester or the proxy.)
      • Senders requesting a notice of purpose of utilization or personal information disclosure are requested to apply an stamp for registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.
  3. Response method for requests for Disclosure, etc.
    Responses will be made via letter sent using the included self-addressed return envelope.

9. In the Event Requests Cannot Be Met

Requests for Disclosure, etc., cannot be met if due to reasons established by laws and regulations or if item 8. above is not completed correctly.

10. Address for All Inquiries, Requests for Disclosure, etc., and Complaints

Personal Information Protection Manager
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