DX Solutions

Contributing to our customers’ creation of
new business value through worksite digitization and
data utilization.

IT services provided to customers throughout OMRON's various business fields. We are constantly conducting system monitoring and software development to ensure these IT services continue running without any issues. Additionally, we strongly support our highly public systems, be it construction of computer infrastructure such as cloud or on-premises servers where all steps from planning to system design are carried out to monitor stable operation of the system, or operating the relevant data centers without downtime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

DX solutions for the manufacturing industry

  • We provide applications that promote the digitization of indirect operations in factories, and convert the data obtained into valuable information for customers (production status, quality control status, etc.), contributing to improved customer satisfaction.
  • We promote the use of IoT for sensors and equipment at manufacturing sites, and support data-driven production improvements.
  • We gather all necessary information from various sources, such as global bases and suppliers, to contribute to a flexible response to various environmental changes.
  • Healthcare: Operation of web-based healthcare device measurement data systems
  • We promote the digitization of processes with suppliers and partnering companies, and contribute to the acceleration of the digitization of the entire supply chain.

Cloud services that contribute to customers’ new business development

  • We contribute to the creation of new business models by providing cloud services for our customers’ products and services and new service applications.
  • We help customers shorten their application development time by designing and building PoC.
  • We provide service operations for cloud systems by leveraging our experience in data center operation services.

Data linkage solutions that connect customers’ management and site

  • We provide a data linkage mechanism that connects customers' business systems with individual applications for business operations.
  • We utilize the know-how we have cultivated on the manufacturing site (high-speed, high-volume processing) to achieve the data management required by our customers.

Business infrastructure solutions

In order for customers to use various IT services safely and securely, we operate our corresponding data centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to protect customers' important data.
We provide operational monitoring services to ensure safe and secure operation of AWS and other cloud systems.


  • Credit sales: Operation of credit card settlement support systems
  • Distribution: Operation of point card systems
  • Railways: Operation of web-based information distribution systems to customers, ticket gate check-in (child safety and protection information) delivery systems
  • Healthcare: Operation of web-based healthcare device measurement data systems
  • Monitoring: Development and operation of insulation monitoring, power leakage monitoring, water surface monitoring, equipment monitoring systems

Security solutions

We provide the security solutions that are needed to collect, store, and utilize the data that is essential for DX.
Utilizing on-site system know-how from the manufacturing industry, we analyze security risks and implement countermeasures against threats in factories where a broad array of IT devices, equipment, and networks are mixed.
We offer Managed Security Services (MSS) that provide continuous monitoring and improvement by security specialists.

  • IT security solutions
  • Factory security solutions
  • Product security

Next Value

Japan is becoming a super-aging society. To counter the social problem of a declining working population, the social implementation of DX will be accelerated. There is also a need for countermeasures against the risks that endanger our daily lives and corporate management, such as the frequent occurrence of natural disasters caused by global warming. Although digitalization is progressing and evolving, there are still many business processes in our social systems that require human labor, time, and cost. By connecting the gaps between management and worksites, between companies and supply chains, we will help to achieve DX in society and companies. We will help to build a sustainable society by delivering the benefits of digitalization to all people.