Character Input Technology


An HTML-based IME that can be embedded
in web content. The keyboard can also be uniquely
customized according to web content.

Point 1

Embed in
web content!

Point 2

Specialize keyboard
to match content

Point 3

Works with various
browsers, devices, OS

What is Web IME?

  • An HTML-based IME that runs in a web browser
  • It is constructed using HTML and JS, so it can be embedded into web content (not including binary modules)
  • Prediction and conversion can be performed using Cloud Wnn

What Web IME Can Do

Display specialized keyboards within content

Keyboards set for each text input field can be displayed.

In addition to a QWERTY array, specialized keyboards can be displayed to match content.

Display of specialized keyboards within content (Image)
Key input

The same key input as normal IMEs is possible by tapping on the touch panel or clicking the mouse button

Key input (Image)
Moving the keyboard

By dragging the black bar at the top of the keyboard, the display position can be changed as desired.
However, controls are in place so that the keyboard does not protrude beyond the web page (browser window)

Moving the keyboard (Image)
Cursor control

Supports automatic or manual cursor movement between multiple text fields

  1. Automatic cursor movement
    • When inputting the specified maximum number of characters, the cursor automatically moves to the next field. (Will not move unless "Next" is specified)
    • If there are no characters, you can return to the previous field using the [Delete] key.
    Cursor control (Image 1)
  2. Manual cursor movement
    • The cursor can be moved manually even if the maximum number of characters has not been entered by pressing the [Left/Right] or [Enter] keys.
    Cursor control (Image 2)
Cloud conversion


When pressing the [Conversion] key, conversion candidates are received from the server according to the input content and displayed.

  • Limitations
  • Continuous passage conversion can only be obtained as one candidate. (Cloud Wnn side not yet supported)
  • Scrolling is not possible even if the candidate window is expanded. (Not implemented)
Cloud conversion (Image)


As with normal IMEs, prediction candidates corresponding to input characters are displayed.

Web IME Specifications

System configuration

System configuration (Image)

Operating browser (checked browsers only)

  • Chrome (confirmed working with version 42)
  • Firefox (confirmed working with version 37)
  • IE (confirmed working with version 9 and later)
  • Safari

Operating OS (checked operating systems only)

  • Windows 7
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Mac OS
  • Android (4 and later)
  • Firefox OS

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