Other Wnn-embedded products

Character input technology

Cell phone and smartphone applications
For embedded devices

Advanced Wnn v2

Japanese input engine installed with a morphological analysis engine.
Deployed in the latest mobile phones.

  • MobileMorpho functionality that splits sentences into clauses and independent words/attached words, returns appropriate part of speech information, and suggests a reading
  • Immediately after a number(numeral) is set, adds a number postpositional particle (such as hours, minutes, days, and months) display feature

Multilingual Advanced Wnn

Easy to understand, simple, and can be entered with few keystrokes Multilingual input is available using the same API as Advanced Wnnsoftware.

  • Shares a common engine API , so you can implement multilingual input by toggling between dictionary sets.
  • Improved IME to use Kana-kanji conversion engine as a database search engine
  • Dictionary resources can be shared or functions integrated with other components

Mobile Wnn v2

Predictive Input can be mounted to a variety of devices.
Creates a comfortable Japanese language input requiring minimal operation.

  • New Words and Add Optional Features, as well as Input Conversion means smarter conversion and fewer keystrokes for comfortable input
  • Robust learning features finds ties between words and supports colloquial speech
  • Can be embedded in small ROM/RAMs, high-speed conversion

Mini Wnn

The smallest Japanese language input engine in the embedded Wnn series.
A Japanese language input environment that uses few resources.

  • A small-size RAM/ROM that is easy to embed
  • Considers the relationship between adjuct words to support chats, colloquial speech and other simplified expression
  • Hardware specifications may allow you to add, omit or select vocabulary

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