Character input technology


Offered in collaboration with a variety of animation characters whose voices are featured in read-aloud function, keyboard character-changing function, and dedicated predictive conversion dictionaries among other new features available in this keyboard app for animation fans.


Words Read Aloud
In Your Favorite
Character's Voice

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Change Your Keyboard
with Images of Your
Favorite Characters

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Specialized Dictionary

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What is FunKey?

FunKey is a "talking keyboard" application with features like character voice read-aloud, changeable keyboard characters, and specialized dictionaries.

With “Always Together With What You Love” as its theme, Smartphone users can feel close to their favorite animation characters through the keyboard they use every day with FunKey.

The FunKey download is free, and includes several changeable keyboard character images and some voice data.
Users can add changeable keyboard character images, voice data and specialized dictionaries for a fee (starting at 120 yen).

FunKey SDK

FunKey is now available on SDK.

"FunKey SDK" is for Unity®* environment, which enable you to integrate this keyboard into your smartphone gaming apps.
Once you integrate this SDK with your gaming apps, you will be able to bundle your original keyboard.

*Unity®: © 2018 Unity Technologies
Create long-term relationship with your customers

Once this keyboard installed, your customers can enjoy your gaming characters at any time on input. This keyboard will assist to appear your gaming characters even when your customers are not playing your games.

Customize this keyboard as you like

You can develop your special gaming keyboard which is collaborating with your gaming apps as below:
 1) Gaming characters’ voice read-aloud
 2) Changeable keyboard image of gaming characters
 3) Specialized dictionaries of character name or signature phrase

Motivate your customers with this keyboard

You can use this keyboard for customers' gift or special item on your gaming apps. Also this keyboard will be useable as a tool for distributing gaming characters' special contents (image/voice) in order to motivate your customers keep playing your games.

Enjoy this keyboard collaboration with your games!

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