Multilingual Discomfort Judgment Service

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Multilingual Discomfort
Judgment Service

A service that determines the "degree of discomfort" for
various genres regarding sentences posted on the Internet.
Supports various languages, including Japanese.

Point 1

Perform analysis
keeping context in mind!

Point 2

Supports various languages!

Point 3

according to use!

What is the Multilingual Discomfort Judgment Service?

What is the "Multilingual Discomfort Judgment Service"?
A service for determining the "degree of discomfort" for sentences as a whole

  • Takes sentences and returns the degree of discomfort for each genre using machine learning technology
  • All-in-one support for multiple languages

Product Features

Multilingual Discomfort Judgment Service / Product Features Image 1
Feature 1
Can judge the degree of discomfort in sentences by not only checking an offensive word dictionary, but also including context and noise (signs, omissions, etc.)
  • Offensive word dictionaries alone are not sufficient in judging sentences, as context and noise are not taken into consideration
Feature 2
Multilingual support can be used with common API
  • Supports 39 languages
  • Special processing for each language not required
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Feature 3
Judgment accuracy can be improved depending on the application through additional learning functions on the user side
  • We can customize the service to meet your needs
Multilingual Discomfort Judgment Service / Product Features Image 4
Supports predictive conversion for 2 languages!Multilingual
  • Japanese
  • English

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