Children's Dictionary

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Children's Dictionary

A dictionary for elementary and junior high school students
that can be used comfortably and safely

Point 1

Vocabulary matching interests

Point 2

Displays kanji that
can't be read in hiragana

Point 3

Inappropriate words you don't want
to be used will not appear

What is a Children's Dictionary?

1. Vocabulary category selection
Preferentially register vocabulary for categories children often use
2. Supports kanji separated by grade level
Dictionaries prepared for each school grade, so that kanji not yet learned are converted to hiragana
3. Elimination of inappropriate vocabulary
Remove inappropriate words (violent/sexual/criminal words, etc.) that you don't want your children to use
Exclude difficult words not normally used by children

Product Features

Feature 1
Vocabulary category selection
  • Categories that children of the target age often use are selected (characters, comics, games, artists, elementary school terms, junior high school terms, etc.) and made into a dictionary.

* Can be customized by selecting which categories are necessary.

Feature 2
Supports kanji separated by grade level
  • Displays candidate terms in hiragana for kanji not yet learned in the target grade.
Input Grade level User Candidate term display
いろえんぴつ 色(2)鉛(JHS)筆(3) 1st grader いろえんぴつ
2nd grader 色えんぴつ
3rd grader 色えん筆

* Dictionary can also be separated into two-year units (1st/2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade), three-year units (lower grades, upper grades), etc., as necessary.

Reference: Number of kanji learned by grade level
Grade Number of kanji Total number of kanji
1st grade 80 80
2nd grade 160 240
3rd grade 200 440
4th grade 200 640
5th grade 185 825
6th grade 181 1,006
JHS (7th to 9th grade) 1,130 2,136

* Elementary school: MEXT "Current Education Guidelines, List of Kanji by School Year"

* Junior high school: Remaining regular-use kanji

Feature 3
Elimination of inappropriate vocabulary
  • Words you don't want your children to use (insulting or attacking words, sexual words, words related to crime, etc.), words that aren't commonly used by children (words with difficult meanings, words without many chances for use), etc., are eliminated.

Removing a word eliminates it from the candidate terms and prevents it from being converted.

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